We are available to teach a variety of techniques. From the very basics to advanced needle weaving, we can teach you to love beading as you learn the skills.

Most classes are available as private tutorials or small group classes. Many of our project classes make great Bridal shower events! Contact us if interested in large group demonstrations. Classes make a great addition to any retail store. Getting your clients interested and exciting will help your business grow!

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Technique Classes Available
These classes focus primarily on learning a specific technique or set of techniques.

Beaders Boot Camp
Beading Basics
Bubble Netting
Wire Linking
Pearl Knotting
Introduction to Peyote Stitch
Herringbone Bracelet
Tubular Herringbone Reversible Bracelet

Freeform Netting

Advanced Freeform Peyote


Project Classes Available
These classes focus on making a specific project. You may not finish the entire project in class depending on time restraints.

A Net of Gems
Beaded Beads
Feather Bracelet
Gallery of Beads Bracelet
Ribbon Bracelet
Sequin Flower Bracelet
Sequin Flower Ring

Herringbone Quilt Bracelet
Odd-Count Peyote Bracelet
Patchwork Bracelet Workshop
Peyote Pendant
Wrist Belt